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Suneil Saraf

Suneil crafts tasteful homage to his mother

Suneil Saraf

In order to win tickets to SXSW Festival 2015, we asked the Drummers to respond to the following brief;

Create a piece of content that tells the story of your passion outside of work

Here is just one of the high quality responses we got:

Suneil Saraf

I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can cook great tasting food. Ever since watching my mum working at an almost industrial pace and complexity to whip up the endless spicy feasts we used to enjoy as kids, I’ve been obsessed by the way food tastes; the changes you can make to flavours just by altering one or two small ingredients. Making and eating food should be a source of joy, and I get the most joy out of food that is bursting with flavours. The point of this book is to get your cupboard full of spices and your fridge full of fresh green herbs, and then to start experimenting.

Lee Pitman

Lee shares his memorable moments

Lee Pitman

In order to win tickets to SXSW Festival 2015, we asked the Drummers to respond to the following brief;

Create a piece of content that tells the story of your passion outside of work

Here is just one of the high quality responses we got:


Lee Pitman

I collect moments in time (or ‘photographs’ as they are more traditionally known). Photography is my way of recording my life experiences – but through my own unique creative process. Being dyslexic, photography and drawing presented the natural way for me to do this in the most effective way possible. When I see an image the memory of that time and place comes back vividly, with a wealth of detail.


Monica Conway

Our Commercial Director squeezes every second of her spare time into action packed fun

Monica Conway Commercial Director

Currently training for Tough Mudder which is a 12 mile obstacle course, hence lots of running and monkey bars.

In the midst of paper cutting in preparation for a Henri Matisse inspired mural for my garden wall. Otherwise squeezing every last minute out of our weekends from looking under car bonnets at car shows, catching bands, styling my daughter in foil, FROW-ing at Fashion Week, and drinking lots of wine with friends.

Natasha Gottlieb

Jackson Pollock eat your heart out, Gottlieb is the new painter in town

Natasha Gottlieb Junior Integrated Producer

I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember. After studying a Foundation Course at Chelsea College of Art and Design, I moved away from fine art, into animation as a field, but carried on painting for fun at home and it developed into a hobby. I’ve sold paintings on commission, but I mostly just enjoy doing it for myself – my room has around 10 of my paintings hanging up! I tend to work with acrylic paint and a variety of mixed media, from sand and plastic bags to matches and string.

I’m also in the process of having my graphic novel, (that I wrote listening to the ‘Avatar’ soundtrack by James Horner) illustrated – so keep your eyes open for that soon!NatashaGottlieb_Show+Tell

Matt Cole

Dignity back into men’s pants

Matt Cole Content Developer

Inspired by a lack of choice in quality men’s underwear, and not exactly sporting the physique of David Beckham, I felt it was time to use my interest in classic tailoring to put some dignity back into men’s pants.

Due to launch in August 2014, Penny Dreadful Tailored, Men’s Underwear combines 50’s influenced style with a modern cut & fabrics and beautiful illustrations from New York based artist Sarah Hilarity.

MattCole_ShowTell_MainImage_959 (1)

Siobhan Woodrow

Drum’s Great British Baker and foodie queen

Siobhan Woodrow Senior Content Producer

I bake. I find it relaxing and decided a while ago to commit Monday evenings to trying new things and responding to requests from my colleagues. I also use it to bribe reward people at work when I need something fast.


Rebecca Rowntree

Rebecca’s stunning exhibition – ‘With A Gun to My Head’

Rebecca Rowntree Content Developer

Pursuing creative interest outside of work is a big passion, but finding time to create artwork is an issue when you have a full time job to contend with. Along with other fellow artists we decided to set up our own exhibition, turning lack of time into a brief and calling our exhibition ‘With a gun to my head’ – the ‘incentive’ needed to break the routine and get the exhibition done.

After deciding on the canvas, a former power station that once powered trams along Chiswick High Rd that is now home to the world renowned Metropolis Studios, I decided my theme would be those difficult moments in life when you feel like you are going to explode. Using a 4D program, I created a looping CGI animation of a beating heart that although seemingly organic shatters like a vase into a million ceramic pieces- mirroring the feeling when life gets too much, before slowly reforming and continuing to beat. Symbolic of the way life carries on and the enduring persistence of the human spirit. This was projected in HD on a 5 metre high wall in the main entrance of the Grade II listed building and was accompanied by 3 framed Giclée prints taken from stills of the video.

The challenge was accomplished and the exhibition was a success, in fact one of the prints was bought for the British Heart Foundation and now sits proudly in their head office in London.