Content that Matters.

Today we’re bombarded with meaningless content from brands that is mostly ignored and worse actively avoided. Our real challenge is to create content that doesn’t add to the noise. Content that makes you pay attention, makes you feel, makes you think, makes you share, and most importantly has real meaning. Content that matters.


How do we do it? By seeking out and embracing positive tension – the energy in ideas that matter. The energy created by the forces pulling people, society and culture in different directionsCultural tensions, human tensions, societal tensions, creative tensions. At Drum we actively seek out, stoke up and resolve these tensions in people’s lives because they produce the most meaningful ideas. Content that matters.



We weren’t born yesterday

We’ve been at it for over 20 years. When brands started using content through broadcast sponsorship to the advent of ad-funded programming and onto the brave new world we find ourselves in now.

We’ve been part of it all.

New ideas, original executions, different territories.
Big brand stuff every day, year in, year out.


We were born out of a
major media group

So, all our ideas begin with the audience, and we have access to mountains of research that we can mine and  drill deep into their likes, loves and hates. And because we have a deep understanding of how and where audiences consume content we can create distribution strategies so it’s experienced by the greatest possible number of people.

part of


We’re born entrepreneurs

Every day we ask ourselves two simple but crucial questions:
1. what’s next?
2. how can we make it happen?

Our team is a mix of people whose backgrounds are media, entertainment and technology. They’re from the worlds of gaming, website and app production, TV, film, newspapers and radio.

What links us is the energy to keep on breaking new ground and continue pushing brands into new territory. To be constantly curious in a world of relentless digital change. To work in partnership with the biggest and best players from the worlds of media, entertainment and technology.

And ultimately to keep on developing content that has real benefits for audiences and adds real value to businesses. Now you know what we do, maybe it’s time to ask what we can do for you.


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